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Life doesn't seem to be going according to plan for Raj until he meets Jyoti, an attractive older woman who suggests he start a dance class for Indian women. Raj is leery of the idea, but reluctantly accepts the proposal since it will be a way for him to pursue his love of dance.  

While unsuccessful at first, Raj's class begins to grow with students like Laxmi, a housewife new to the country, Puja an unenthused high school student, and Vincent, a young gay teen who wants to dance regardless of his father's objections. 

Raj's dream becomes reality when he gets an offer to choreograph an emerging star's music video. Now, he must decide whether to take the shot he's been waiting for all his life or be there for his new family in their time of need.

Special Features: Behind-The-Scenes Featurette, Deleted Scenes 

113 mins | Not Rated | English | Stereo | Region 1 | BGP307 | 857965003078

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