The Living Wake

Director Sol Tryon's critically acclaimed debut feature is a timeless fairytale with a biting sense of humor. When self-proclaimed genius K. Roth Binew (Mike O'Connell, Funny People) learns his life will be cut short by a grave but unnamed illness, he decides to go out in style-with a living wake. Accompanied by his faithful assistant Mills (Jesse Eisenberg, Zombieland), K Roth spends his scheduled final day on earth revisiting all the people who touched his life - from the village prostitute, to his estranged mother - in order toinvite them to his grand finale.

Guaranteed to be a cult classic, The Living wake plays out like a combination of Monty Python's absurdist humor and Wes Anderson's delicate styling. What unfolds onscreen is a clever, whimsical fable about the nature of death. 

Special Features: “The Re-Education of Mills Foquin”, a short film; 4 Hilarious Deleted Scenes; Musins with K. Roth Binew, Viral Videos; Commentary with Cast and Director Sol Tryon

92 mins | Not Rated | English | Dolby Surround 2.0 | Region 1 | BGP232 | 853937002322

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