The Star-Crossed Mormon Missionaries Return in The Falls: Testament of Love

Published on 28 October 2013

Philadelphia PA Lake Productions and QC Cinema are proud to announce the upcoming release of The Falls: Testament of Love. The sequel to the beloved and bittersweet The Falls debuts on DVD November 26th, followed by VOD launches in December and the New Year.  Jon Garcia's poignant latest film enjoyed an acclaimed world premiere at the Portland Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, in addition to screenings at the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Atlanta Out on Film and Rochester Image Out. 

The Falls: Testament of Love picks up five years after the doomed romance between Mormon missionaries RJ and Chris.  Though their lives have taken radically different paths, the death of a mutual friend unexpectedly reunites the two men at a time when both are attempting to establish their adult lives.  As old feelings of love and regret are rekindled, RJ and Chris must once again confront their seemingly impossible love.  Will their reunion prove that they're fated to be together, or is it merely a temporary fantasy? 

Richard Ross, Co-President of Breaking Glass Pictures and a producer on the film said, "It was always evident that audiences fell in love withThe Falls and that there was a desire to continue the story.  Jon crafted a beautiful and heartbreaking film about love, fate, desire and destiny."


The DVD release of The Falls: Testament of Love (SRP $24.99) will include deleted scenes, interviews with Jon Garcia and the cast, and exclusive footage from the Portland Gay and Lesbian Film Festival world premiere.


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