What is the price of a soul?  At a time when televangelists can fill a stadium at the same rate as a rock star and a theme park can sell tickets to the Holy Land, organized religion has in many ways put a price tag on salvation.

Selling God is a fascinating and always-amusing survey of evangelical Christianity – from Biblical times to the rise of megachurches to the post-9/11 culture wars.  Combining historical insight with irreverent humor, director Carl Christman explores the many absurdities that arise when pop culture meets religious doctrine.  Featuring interviews with Dr. Noam Chomsky and a host of other scholars and religious leaders, this satirical documentary shows that in many modern churches, every prayer is accounted for — and every penny, too.

85 min | Not Rated | English | Dolby Stereo | Region 1 | BGP261 | 853937002612

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